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Hearing aids are valuable tools that allow those with hearing deficiencies to participate actively in everyday life. With a built in microphone, amplifier, and speaker, hearing aids are able to help users listen better in both loud and quiet environments.

At Audio Care Hearing Services, our staff is dedicated to keeping the latest and greatest hearing aid inventory in stock. Our most-used brands include Starkey and MicroTech, which offer invisible, receiver-in-the-canal, completely-in-canal, behind-the-ear, in-the-canal, in-the-ear options, and more. With offices in Chaffee, Olean, Jamestown, and Belmont, New York, our products are easily accessible.

Currently, we carry the following brands:

  • MicroTech Hearing Aids
  • Phonak Hearing Aids
  • Rexton Hearing Aids
  • Siemens Hearing Aids
  • Starkey Hearing Aids

When you buy a hearing aid with us, we want it to last as much as you do. That’s why all of our hearing aids come with free hearing aid cleanings and warranties based on the manufacturer and brand. A typical warranty lasts for two years.

Our team understands the importance of finding the most appropriate hearing solution. Our extensive stock means that there is a solution for each individual’s hearing needs.

Not sure which hearing aid is right for you? Don’t worry! Our audiologists work with each individual to determine which make and model will help you overcome your hearing difficulties.

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